6 Common Truck Problems That Warrant Professional Repair

6 Common Truck Problems That Warrant Professional Repair

6 Common Truck Problems That Warrant Professional Repair

Trucks are usually designed to travel long distances with heavy loads. However, this can cause them to wear down faster in comparison to other vehicles. Although keeping up regular maintenance and truck repair can help decrease the risk of these issues, they may still occur. Truck owners must know truck mechanics, the types of problems that may arise, and the necessary remedies for when they happen. They have to ensure that their vehicle gets the best possible maintenance and repair to keep it up and running correctly. A crucial step in the maintenance process is to keep an eye for minor issues that may turn into major problems, causing a lot of time and energy. Furthermore, it is vital to ensure that your truck is in good condition to meet your operational targets, which requires truck repair services. Here are 6 common truck problems that warrant professional repair. 

Common Truck Problems 

Here are 6 common problems that operators find with today’s trucks:

Overheating Engine 

Repair an overheating engine right away or it could lead to engine failure
Repair an overheating engine right away or it could lead to engine failure

An overheated engine can lead to many residual effects on your truck. For example, the problem may be related to the fuel tank or a blown gasket. If the problem is left untreated for too long, this can result in engine failure. It is vital to work with a quality truck repair professional if you are experiencing problems with the engine of your truck overheating. They can address and review indications of overheating in your vehicle, which can prevent the failure of your vehicle and save you lots of money. 

Truck Not Starting 

As the cooler seasons approach, review your starter mechanisms more frequently. During the winter, starter failure is often a problem. The operator will likely notice clear signs of starter problems first, and the ignition will only worsen the colder the temperature gets. During the motor start phase, turn off nonessential components like radios to diagnose the issue. 

U-Joint Failure 

U-joints, play a key part in transferring power from the transmission to the differentiator. To limit the wear and tear, the U-joints must be lubricated. The 2 main signs of a failing U-joint are clicking sounds and vibrations at higher speeds. Drivers who notice either of these signs should replace their U-joint as soon as possible. 

Brake Issues 

It is critical to have a comprehensive strategy for maintaining your brakes. Modern trucks will often regularly have issues with the braking system or brake pedals, presumably because of the pressure from today’s bigger payloads. They already weigh a lot, and when they are fully loaded with cargo or other heavy items, the pressure on the breaks is even higher. Brake fluid leaks, and complete brake failure, can happen when a truck is not maintained correctly. While the truck’s brakes are designed to handle heavy loads, this can still eventually lead to wear and tear. Luckily, if one brake fails, the independent brake system will still enable the driver to stop using the other brakes.

Wheel Bearings and Tires 

Make sure you have spare tires handy
Make sure you have spare tires handy

Wheel bearings are essential components that help your wheels move along the road with as little possible friction. If the driver hears an abnormal amount of noise coming from the wheel wells as they’re moving, this could be a sign that the bearings are degraded. Another indicator could be a jerking feeling of the truck or unstable road movements. These issues can still commonly occur if your tires are correctly inflated. Be sure that you always replace worn-out tires and have plenty of spares handy in case you need them. Also, be sure to check that they are aligned correctly and that you inspect them before each trip. 

Clutch Issues 

The clutch plays an integral part in helping manual transmission trucks operate smoothly. As it is prone to wear and tear, you should check it on a routine basis. There are many different causes of clutch issues, such as oil leaks, overloading the clutch, or careless driving. You should avoid dumping the clutch, as this habit can overheat the clutch, increasing the pressure and stress on the clutch disk and driveshaft. In addition to improving your habits as a driver, you can also prevent clutch problems by checking for leaks that may contaminate the clutch disk. These leaks may affect the clutch and other parts of the truck as well and might thus need to be repaired by a professional. Therefore, getting rid of leaks will benefit different parts of the truck. 

Preventative Maintenance

Creating a five-year plan of the parts and components you will need to replace could help you plan and avoid too many expenses. Additionally, finding OEM assets can be difficult in an emergency due to the current post-pandemic climate. Knowing your options and being prepared can be vital during a crisis. Although maintaining a truck can be unpredictable and expensive, it is a necessary evil that comes with owning such a vehicle. Although it might be tempting to hold off on repairs until there is damage, maintaining your truck on a routine basis is important to prevent more serious problems down the line. 

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