Injectors Electronics

All of our injectors are rebuilt with the latest OEM specs, using the most up to date equipment available. Every injector that we rebuild is completely dismantled, cleaned and all worn parts are replaced. The injectors are then re-assembled using the most sophisticated measuring tools and finally calibrated to OEM specs. Our fuel injection technicians have had the training to rebuild and test even the most current model of fuel injector.

Equipment to test all makes of diesel and gasoline injectors. We have a large and small testing units for Diesel Turbos and Diesel Injectors. And for all the parts used in the rebuilding process.

All electronic injectors are supported with one-year unlimited.

Using state-of-the-art salvage techniques; every component is completely disassembled, cleaned and carefully inspected to ensure quality and reliability. All worn-out or damaged parts, seals and O-rings are replaced with new ones. When reassembled, Dave’s Diesels remanufactured injectors are tested and calibrated to new product specifications.

Testing is an important part of the process. Qualified technicians utilize the same kinds of sophisticated equipment used to audit the quality of new components.

HEUI surpasses many of the limitations of mechanical and conventional electronic injectors, and sets new standards for fuel efficiency, reliability and emissions control. The highly sophisticated HEUI system uses hydraulic energy instead of mechanical energy to operate fuel injectors. Working in tandem with the engine’s electronic control module, the HEUI system provides extremely precise control of fuel metering and timing, resulting in unmatched engine performance and economy.

We service all makes and models of mechanical fuel injectors.

Many vehicles accumulate a carbon build-up inside and around the injectors. This along with wear and tear of mechanical components can yield improper fuel delivery, and cause injector pressure to drop, resulting in loss of power and decreased fuel economy.

We will test, clean, remanufacture and recalibrate your mechanical injectors to the original manufacturer specifications.

Many automobiles accumulate a wax, varnish, and/or dirt build-up inside the injectors. This usually results in a vehicle jerking, losing power, and sometimes stalling. It can also result in an inefficient malfunctioning engine. Most importantly, it is a primary use for a higher emissions output from the vehicle, and therefore increasing pollution. Our state of the art Ultrasonic cleaning system removes the build up of dirt within the injectors.

In short, our Gasoline Injection Service program will improve your ride, provide better gas mileage, increase power and lower emissions, saving you from expensive repair bills.

We also service automotive, motorcycle, ATV, snow-mobile, Jet Ski, marine, and outboard fuel injectors.