Rebuilt/Refurbished Turbochargers

Specializes in the rebuilding and distribution of turbochargers, fuel injectors, fuel injection pumps and electronic control modules. We represent many of the best  brands in the industry and use the highest quality parts and test equipment available. With our high quality rebuilt units, you are able to save up to 60% off the new price, with the same warranty. All makes of turbocharger for a wide range of applications. We stock new and rebuilt turbos for light, medium and heavy duty trucks, buses, construction, agricultural, marine, automotive, power generation and industrial applications.

There Are Various Types of Turbochargers:

  • Single-Turbo
  • Twin-Turbo
  • Twin-Scroll Turbo
  • Variable Twin Scroll Turbo
  • Electric Turbo

Our Turbocharger Services include:

  • Repairs/rebuilds Services
  • Diagnostic
    • Rebuild Turbo Chargers
    • Sell Brand New Turbo Chargers
    • Test Electronic Injectors
    • Rebuild Electronic Injectors
    • Sell Brand New Electronic Injectors
    • Test & Rebuild Fuel Injection Pumps
    • And more…
We offer the best and fastest Service of Repair and Rebuilding of Diesel Turbochargers, Electronic Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pumps. We also stock a large range of Diesel Electronic Fuel Injectors, and Turbo Chargers.