Truck Repair Sarnia

Breakdowns are often an occupational hazard when it comes to trucking, in spite of your precautions. In case it happens, it’s best to find a reliable truck repair service in Sarnia to assist with repairing your truck. Time is money, and every minute you’re not on the road is time wasted. To make the job easier, it helps to find a professional repair service to get your truck back on the road. 

Turbo Express is here to serve that need and help you get back to work quickly. When you’re looking for a fast, reliable service for auto truck repair and services, we’re the ones to call. Our team has the tools, training, and experience to diagnose your truck and offer speedy, efficient solutions for your problems. 

Our team has a wealth of experience fixing a wide range of problems and getting your truck up and running quickly. Reach out to us now when trouble strikes and keep your downtime low. 

What We Do

Turbo Express provides comprehensive truck repairs and services in Sarnia to serve all your truck-related needs. We are equipped with only the latest and most advanced tools to help us diagnose the source of your mechanical troubles and offer the most effective solutions to address them. From there, our team can get to work fixing the problem and get your truck up and running for you with minimal turnaround time. 

Repairs aren’t the only service we offer truck owners. We also provide a variety of quality OEM parts including turbochargers, fuel injectors, and electronic pumps. In the course of repairing your truck, it may happen that we need to replace damaged or worn-out parts. In case that happens, we have those parts on hand to supply you with what you need. Not only is it a convenient way to get you the parts you’re looking for without worrying about manufacturers, it’s a great way to save some time and get the repairs done much faster. You can also rest assured that our parts are reliable and trustworthy. We always take care to carefully disassemble our injectors for cleaning, then rebuild them with OEM kits to ensure you get them in good condition. 

Finally, whenever you come to us for truck repair and services, we also offer quality customer care. Not everyone knows what’s happening in case of unexpected mechanical failure, but we’re here to explain what’s going on so you’re kept in the loop. 

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Why We’re the Sarnia Truck Repair and Services Business for You

While we’re a truck repair service first and foremost, there are other benefits to choosing Turbo Express than the repair service and convenient parts. Some of the other benefits you get to enjoy from trusting us with your truck include: 

Low Turnaround Times for Repairs

Your time is precious; every minute you’re not on the road is another minute you’re not earning your daily bread. At Turbo Express, we’re all about keeping your downtime low so you can get back on the road right away. We also have the technical expertise to diagnose your problems accurately and find an effective solution right away. Solving your problems the first time is always the best way to avoid any extra problems.

Great Value for Your Money

Securing the vital parts your truck needs shouldn’t have to break the bank. At Turbo Express, we provide high-quality parts at affordable prices. We assure you that these are original OEM parts with the latest OEM specs, not aftermarket or Chinese products. Getting the best parts is a must for staying safe on the road, and that’s exactly what we offer. Give us a call when you’re in need of OEM parts you can count on for a safe trip.

Quality Customer Service

Customer service is what sets Turbo Express from the competition. Our team doesn’t stop at providing quality work and service for you. We also take care to answer your questions and help you understand what’s happened to your vehicle. You’re always free to ask any questions, and we always do our best to share what we know in the name of helping you take care of your truck. We pride ourselves on our customer service; check out our testimonials page to see what our satisfied customers have to share about the quality of our work.

Large Inventory

Turbochargers and fuel injectors for trucks aren’t the only products we stock. Turbo Express also carries parts for a variety of industries including construction vehicles, agricultural, marine, automotive, and industrial.


To ensure you always get the quality parts you need, Turbo Express also offers a one year unlimited mileage warranty. We take pride in offering only the best products, and this warranty is our way of assuring you that you’ll always get reliable parts from us.

For Quality Trucks Repair & Service in Sarnia, Count on Turbo Express

When you need any truck repairs in Sarnia, Ontario, Turbo Express is here to help. We’re always on hand to offer speedy, effective repairs and a plethora of parts to get your truck in working order, and all at affordable prices. Give us a call now at 289-981-7992 to get all your truck-related needs taken care of.