What to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Turbocharger

What to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Turbocharger

What to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Turbocharger

Are you in the market for a new turbocharger? If so, you may be wondering whether you should buy a refurbished model or go with a brand new one. 

Although it’s easy to understand why people are cautious when it comes to buying pre-owned items, buying a refurbished turbocharger can be a great decision. That said, however, it’s important to keep a few things in mind so that you can make a wise purchase decision. 

In this blog post, we will discuss what to consider when buying a refurbished turbocharger. Let’s get started.

Why You Should Buy a Refurbished Turbocharger

Refurbished turbochargers work just as well as new ones

A turbocharger is a device that compresses the air entering the engine, allowing it to burn more fuel and produce more power. Turbochargers can be used on both gasoline and diesel engines, but they are most common on diesel engines

Many people are hesitant to buy a refurbished turbocharger because they are not sure if it will work as well as a new one. However, there are several reasons why you should consider buying a refurbished turbocharger for your diesel engine. 

First of all, refurbished turbochargers are significantly cheaper than new ones. Second, they have been thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure that they meet high standards of quality. 

Finally, they come with a warranty, so you can be sure that you are getting a reliable product. With all of these factors considered, it is clear that buying a refurbished turbocharger is a great way to save money and get a high-quality product.

Things to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Turbocharger

Do your due diligence when getting a refurbished turbocharger

Any time you’re buying a used item, it’s important to do your due diligence. Of course, you want to get a good deal but you also want to make sure you’re getting a turbocharger that’s going to last you. Below is a list of some of the things you should consider when buying a used turbocharger. 

Be Mindful of Shake Problems

Turbochargers can be susceptible to shake problems. This shaking can occur when the turbocharger is first turned on, when the engine is revved up, or during acceleration. It can cause the vehicle to vibrate and shake, and can even lead to engine damage. 

One way to help reduce shake problems in turbochargers is to make sure that they are properly installed and secured. Additionally, regular maintenance and tune-ups can help keep turbochargers in good condition and reduce the likelihood of shaking issues. 

When purchasing a refurbished turbocharger, you should give it a good shake. This will let you know if any of the components are loose and possibly damaged. If you do notice that something is rattling, you may want to reconsider your purchase. 

Thoroughly Inspect The Compressor Wheel

Before you purchase a refurbished turbocharger, it is important to thoroughly inspect the compressor wheel. 

The compressor wheel is responsible for compressing air that enters the turbocharger. If the wheel is damaged, it can cause a decrease in boost pressure, which can lead to engine damage. In addition, a damaged compressor wheel can also cause premature wear on other turbocharger components, such as the bearings and seals.

Therefore, it is essential to inspect the compressor wheel for any damage before you install a refurbished turbocharger. By taking this precaution, you can help extend the life of your turbocharger and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Check for Cracks

When buying a used or refurbished turbocharger, it is important to inspect the unit for cracks. Cracks can occur for a number of reasons, including manufacturing defects, damage during shipping, or improper installation. 

While some cracks may not affect the performance of the turbocharger, others can cause major problems. For example, a crack in the exhaust housing can result in exhaust gases leaking into the crankcase, causing oil contamination and engine damage. 

Furthermore, a crack in the compressor housing can cause air leakage and reduce boost pressure. As a result, it is important to thoroughly inspect a used turbocharger for cracks before making a purchase.

Ask About a Warranty

When it comes to turbochargers, there are a lot of variables at play. The size of the engine, the type of fuel, the driving conditions – all of these things can affect how long a turbocharger will last. That’s why it’s important to ask about a warranty when you’re buying a used turbocharger for your diesel engine. 

A good warranty will give you peace of mind, knowing that if something goes wrong, you’ll be covered. It’s also a good way to gauge the quality of the turbocharger. If the seller is confident enough to offer a warranty, then chances are the turbocharger is in good shape. 

So, whether you’re buying new or used, always ask about a warranty — it could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Check the Turbine

A turbine is a key component in a diesel engine’s turbocharger, and it can be one of the most expensive parts to replace. That’s why it’s important to check the condition of the turbine when you’re buying a refurbished turbocharger. 

Look for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or chips in the blades. Also, make sure that the turbine spins freely and doesn’t have any balance issues. If the turbine is in good condition, it will help ensure that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently. However, if the turbine is damaged, it can cause problems with your engine’s performance. 

Feel Confident About Your Purchase

By considering the things we’ve mentioned on this list, you can feel a little more confident when buying a refurbished turbocharger. Even though you won’t be the first owner, your refurbished turbocharger should last you for many years. However, in the event that something needs to be repaired, we’re here to help.

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